By: Brittany Love

Love is a beautiful thing, and much like sustainable agriculture, it takes
time to manifest to its full potential and to thrive in its deeply rooted
ecosystem. Every plant, no matter what species, requires the same
components in their survival kit, just like humans. In a healthy
ecosystem, we see well-developed soil, a balance of good lighting and
space, and ample amounts of water, all in an environment with minimal
outside interference. Comparatively, in a healthy human, there is a great
sense of self-esteem, love and belonging, safety, a well- balanced diet,
and most importantly SELF sustainability.

We know that sustainable agriculture is all about reciprocity and systems.
And in love and relationships, it is just the same. One should not expect
to receive what he or she does not give. Sustainable relationships are
based on principles of interdependence, cooperation, partnership and
mutuality. They require a commitment to growth and change, a strong sense
of self, well-defined personalities, small egos, compassionate hearts and
humanitarian ideals.

A healthy ecosystem shows no favoritism. Each plant is unique and works
together to bring forth more life. The plants must be able to sustain
themselves in order to add to their environment. They are not overly
dependent and do not die simply because the plant across
from them does. As for relationships, each individual must be just that-
an individual! Free to grow at your own rate, to nurture yourself how you
see fit, to create space just for you and feed your own soul.

A healthy you contributes to a long term relationship with minimal effort.
You are a non-renewable resource in love. Make the most efficient use of
you! Rotate your crops and create biodiversity by seeking out new and fun
adventures with your partner! Discard any synthetic fertilizers by
revealing your natural beauty to each other. Be fair. Give to nature and
your significant other what you want it to give to you. Create good soil
with a solid foundation of friendship and respect, and nature will take
care of the rest