A. Kweku Andoh, Ph. D., F. L.S., (July 1943 – October 2011) was a British educated ethno-botanist, a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London and the author of several books on ethno-botany and natural healing including:

* The Science & Romance of Selected Herbs Used in Medicine & Religious Ceremony (2010)
* The Parrot’s Beak & the Cat’s Claw: Hope for a True Healing from the Rain Forests of 
Africa & S. America
* The Rejuvenating Plants of Tropical Africa (2010)
* Biblical Manna — The Spiritual Message for the New Millennium: A Nile Valley Plant Survey (2010)
* Creation Secrets of the Dogon Shaman, the Star Sirius & the New Age Prophecies 
* Holy Water, Biblical Manna & Efua’s Magical Calabash
* Survival Guide for the New Age/New World Order
* Pipssisewa Magic: The Healing Power of Medicinal Herbs and Edible Wild Plants of  Central Georgia, USA
* Black Belt Legacy: Southwestern Alabama Wild  & Medicinal Plants with Market Value Potential
* Indigenous Plants of the Global Model Forest, Kakum National Rainforest Area, Anomabo, Ghana 

Born in the tropical rain forests of Ghana, West Africa, Andoh was the son of the late  J. E. Andoh, Africa’s foremost botanist.  He was a descendant of a long line of  botanists, herbalists and traditional healers for many generations.  He pioneered the development of the Botanic Gardens at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology at Kumasi, Ghana.  Along with his lifetime partner, Kali Sichen, Dr. Andoh developed a line of natural healing products, Harbinger Herbal Nutrients, and promotes a healing paradigm, the Mama Moringa Self Healing System.The herbal formulas are based on ancient and traditional remedies passed down in his family and used widely in Ghana and West Africa.  Many herbal formulas are based on their vast knowledge of healing plants from around the world.

The North Scale Institute initiated a youth program, G.E.N.E.S.I.S., a non-government organization that uses ethno-botany to build new social structures in African societies on the continent and throughout the African Diaspora.  G.E.N.E.S.I.S. is a “back to basics, back to Nature movement” whose philosophy is that self-sufficiency and survival of African nations, including Africans in the Americas, will be determined by their ability to provide for their own basic needs, by building economies based on the natural environment, using Mother Nature for “Growing Energy &Nutrition for Environmental Stability & Investments in our Societies”.  The organization also uses the plant Moringa oleifera, also known as Nebedaye, as a food and medicine to address the pandemic of diabetes, hypertension, HIV/AIDS and malnutrition throughout Africa and the African Diaspora.

Andoh along with members of the North Scale led Morehouse College Students to Haiti in 2005 where they collaborated with Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti and planted up to 1,000 Moringa trees.  In 2009 Morehouse students again studied ethno-botany at the Organic Moringa Farms and Global Model Forest in Anomabo, Ghana.  Andoh was a founding member of the Complementary-Alternative Medical Association (CAMA) of Georgia, supporting practitioners of conventional and alternative healing modalities.  Andoh lectured extensively at colleges and universities, scientific and health forums and to civic groups.  In 1998, the Faculty of Science at the University of Cairo, at Giza, Egypt, appointed him the External Examiner for Graduate Student Thesis in Ethno-botany.  In June, 2004, Andoh completed a plant inventory project to assess the non-timber forest products available on the 660 acre training facility of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives, in the African American farm belt of Southwestern Alabama.

Andoh was a popular guest on radio and television consumer information and talk shows throughout the world.  He taught Traditional Medicine and Tropical Medicinal Plants of Ghana from the Global Model Forest for Self Sufficiency located in Anomabo, Ghana and the All African Healing Arts Society of Ghana, located in Elmina, Ghana, West Africa.

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